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Travis Bagent, of Charles Town, West Virginia was born on October 3rd, 1976. At the young age of 14 years, Travis was introduced to professional armwrestling by his father’s bar - which is faithfully decorated with armwrestling memorabilia and strength quotes. Inside the bar, a great big sign hangs reading, “Dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the American Armwrestler.”

It was there, in the trenches of the West Virgina Armwrestling scene, that Bagent received his primary education. After dominating almost all of the World’s best, Bagent has exploded on the armwrestling scene as the biggest “up and coming” force.

Travis proves himself, time and time again as a tremendous
armwrestler who triumphs even in high-pressure matches.
Defeating adversity is what Travis does best, raised in the
poverty stricken ghettos of West Virginia, Bagent earned a
scholarship to attend college. Flaunting the most colorful
personality in the sport, Bagent is often referred to as the
Mohammed Ali of armwrestling, making him the most
crowd-rousing competitor to watch.

Commanding a 6 foot 4 inch build and 265 pounds, Travis
counters the perception of Super heavy weights as only
power-based armwrestlers by using lightining speed and
engineered techniques to crush his competitors. Bagent’s
world title and nine national titles in three weight classes have laid a foundation for an outstanding legacy in an Armwrestling career. Travis has trained with greats like Dave and Ray Patton. Bagent resides in Charlestown, West Virgina where he is a dedicated husband and father.

Proving once again he is the most exciting armwrestler on the planet, Travis won the
NEMIROFF WORLD CUP in October, 2005.

Seventy eight competitors from seventeen countries from all over the World,  battled in unforgettable fights, duels that very often were at the edge of endurance, a large group of armwrestling fans and an incredible show broadcasted live, in Polsat Sport Television,– that is short description of this year’s VI Professionals World Cup ‘Nemiroff World Cup 2005’.

The tournament was performed on October 29th, 2005, in Casinos Poland, in the Hyatt Hotel, in Warsaw, Poland. Fighters competed in six weight categories: (63 kg, 70 kg, 78 kg, 86 kg, 95 kg and +95 kg) and in OPEN category. Poland was represented by 17 armwrestlers chosen on the basis of results from the Polish Professional League.

Considering that participants of Nemiroff Cup are  world famous armwrestlers, we can say that every duel was extremely exciting. We could witness bitter fights at the limit of consciousness as well as fast armwrestling results.

In up to 63 kg category gold medal went to Victor Bratchenia from Belarus, in up to 70 kg the winner is Khadzimuzat Zoloev from Russia, in up to 78 kg Arsen Liliev from Russia, in up to 86 kg Rustam Babayev from Ukraine, in up to 95 kg Dzambulat Tsoriev from Russia, in +95 kg Travis Bagent USA and in OPEN category Travis Bagent from USA.

The most prestigious one of this cup was OPEN category, where the unbeatable winner was Travis Bagent from the USA. So after three years we have new Professional Champion!!!

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