John Brzenk was born in Illinois on July 15, 1964. He began arm wrestling in his schoolyard in the 6th grade.At 13 he broke his elbow while competing against a
national arm wrestling champion. Inspired to compete internationally by his father, John Brzenk Senior, John won his first world title at 18. Not long after, John triumphed against his long time arm wrestling hero, the legend,
Johnny Walker.

John, dedicated and young, got a job at an airline in
order to get free travel to arm wrestling events---a job
that he maintains after 20 years.

In 1986, John began dominating the sport---he sought
out all the best, in every weight class and beat them.
Considered the most versatile arm wrestler in the
world and possessing unmatched humility, John
became the measuring stick for achievement within the sport of arm wrestling. John is the real winner at the "Over The Top" Tournament featured in Sylvester Stallone's movie ("Over The Top"), winning a $150,000 big rig.

In the Guinness Book of World Records John is listed
as 'the world's greatest arm wrestler'. His international
recognition showers him with celebrity status -
exceptionally so in foreign countries where tournaments
are named after him. Possessing 20+ world titles, having
traveled the far corners of the world to compete, he
quietly commands the world arm wrestling scene. John
is a one-man dynasty.

John lives in Utah with Renee, his wife of 20 years, and their two daughters.

John Brzenk in Over the Top
John Brzenk and Sylvester Stallone in Over the Top
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